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Should You Trust Online Psychic Readings? This May Surprise You…

You can find live psychic reading sites everywhere on the Internet today. It seems that everyone you know is psychic. But it’s not possible that there would be so many psychics in the world.

Having said that, it is also likely that some of the psychic readers who offer online services are real. So, how will you differentiate between a genuine psychic reader and a fake one? Here are some tips:

When you first visit the website, look at who are the psychic readers. Google their name and see if you can find any information regarding them. Check if the website provides the readers’ credentials.

Most websites first ask you to log in and then deposit some funds before you could talk to a psychic reader. Find out if the site is secured or not. Check the payment methods. Payments through pay pal are normally considered to be secured.

Check out the level of security the site maintains. Does the site use any data encryption system? As in psychic reading you have to give away personal information, make sure the website has policy to protect those private information of yours.

If you were introduced to the site by an email, find out how they got your address. Did you sign up for their newsletter or did someone sell your information?

Trust your own gut feeling regarding a specific site. If you feel something is wrong, don’t proceed.

When you get predictions online note them down and check them after few months. If none of them turns out to be true then you know it was a scam.

Be very careful when you sign up for paid online psychic reading. Do a thorough research on the site before committing to anything.


7 Horoscope and Astrology Apps for Your Android

There are many applications now which are tailored to tell your fortune. Whether its daily horoscope, Tarot card readings or compatibility chakras —these apps can tell you anything. Here are some good astrology apps for your android:

App #1 Horoscope


With this app you can check your complete forecast, whether it’s good or bad. It is now available for free in your android. Using this app you can check your horoscope for the day or week. It also predicts monthly forecasts written by the best astrologers.

App #2 Numerology Daily Horoscope


Instead of your zodiac sign, this app uses number and their relationships between physical objects to forecast your future.

App #3 Chinese Bazi Astrology


This app is based on Bazi, which is a Chinese study that can tell about a person’s destiny and fate. You can know about your romance, family and financial success.

App #4 Love and Romance Horoscope


This app is for those who are seeking their soul mates. You can get daily predictions about love and romance with this app. This is a very simple app which uses your zodiac sign to predict your relationship status.

App #5 Chinese Horoscope


This app looks at future from a different perspective. With this app you will get forecasts for wellness, love, work, wealth, etc.

App #6 Galaxy Tarot


This Tarot reading app reveals your fortune. Using this app you can learn many things about Tarot reading. It has a Tarot spread analyzer which lets you test themes, browse the deck , learn about card symbols, etc.

App #7 Tarot Reading


This application features 3D graphics. The reading is very realistic and is very easy to use. Even if you are experiencing Tarot reading for the first time you can easily navigate through the application.

These apps are very helpful and fun to use for those who want to have psychic reading anytime anywhere. More advanced apps on psychic reading will be available soon.


How Do Online Psychic Reading Platforms Work?

Using our online platform for getting your psychic readings is actually pretty simple. First you need to sign up with us. There is a sign up form which you need to fill out and submit. A few personal details will be asked on form, like email address, name, phone number, sex, age, password for the account, etc.

Once you submit the form, an email will be sent to your account. You have to activate your account from your email. Once your account is activated, you can log in to our website.


Going Through Experts’ Profiles

After logging in, you will get access to our database of psychics. The database is very detailed with information about their background, customer feedback, area of expertise, credentials, price, whether available at the moment, etc.

Checking Availability

Once you choose your preferred psychic, you check his or her availability. After confirming that they are free to provide service, you set up an appointment with them mentioning the date and time. If there is no vacancy on the day or time that you have provided, we give you a list of near alternatives that are available.

Payment and Service Delivery

You then have to decide how you want to avail the service; through phone, email or online chat. After you confirm the appointment, you have to pay in advance for the service using Pay Pal. We always send you a copy of your recorded reading for free! In case you forget the password of your account, you can reset it using some simple steps.